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Pablo's Lotus

 Garden and Apothecary

Leaf Pattern Design

Mission Statement:

To curate remedies for the skin, body and psyche utilizing healing herbs, medicinal plants and sacred minerals


Products & Services

Leaf Pattern Design

The Apothecary is a private shoppe located in Fort Worth, TX. Appointments available for:

Scensory Journey

*The Ritual

*Grounding Session

*Tea & Tarot


The Lotus Collection consist of over 8 Healing Herbal body oils, over 14 skin/body tonics, and several medicinal treatments that include masques, salves and a sublingual.

Additional remedies also include herbal teas, supplements and bitter powders.

Treatments and Consultations are encouraged to customize a signature collection for home use.



Growing medicinal herbs and creating sacred spaces in the garden is where it all begins. The fresh herbs used in my oils are all grown on-site in rich, nutritious soils. 

From the Earth to the Bottle, each product is created with Intention, patience and prayer


Sharing the knowledge of plant medicine is at the root of Pablo's Lotus. Throughout the year, i offer group talks, demonstrations, home visits, plant sales, and one-on-one consultations; for both the garden and self-care!

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