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-A Transition space to find healing tools and ancient plant remedies for the skin and body-

All products are crafted with research, spirit-connection and intention

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Season of the Snake

Oct 24-Nov 21


The Lotus Collection is a unique line of herbal body oils and tonics for the skin, body and psyche. All blends are crafted with careful thought and intention. In many cases, the herbs are harvested with the Moon Cycles. The unique formulas have been influenced by ancient recipes of the Siddha, Vedic, Native Americans and other indigenous wisdoms.

Growing medicinal herbs and creating sacred spaces in the garden is where it all begins. The ecosystem in the soil must be nurtured and fed. The soil feeds the plants, which then in turn feeds us. The beautiful oils created by Pablo's Lotus begin their journey in a sacred garden and are grown in rich, juicy soils.

Sharing the knowledge of plant medicine is at the root of Pablo's Lotus. Workshops, lectures, open forum discussions and social group functions are available for scheduling.

Dearest Heathen,

Come to the haunted forest with feet bare and hood raised. There is no one else I'd rather be with when I paint the sacred symbols----the ones no one knows but me----on my soft, stretch-marked belly.

Can you feel it?

The bones of the Earth are sharper here, and the primal feminine buzzes from below and climbs our legs like impassioned vines. Watch me now as I revel in the most ancient grace, as I dance like a long-limbed faery with wide and wiry wings.

This is my benediction, my body prayer to the forked-tongued seductress that is me. I'm through with the solemn chants and still-bodied meditation. My God's skin is made of tree bark, my divinity is a genderless spark that lives and breathes within and without, above and below.

And so it is. ---Daniel Dulsky

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